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    Broth with giant liver-dumpling

    1200 Ft

    Gulyás soup served in a small red cooking pan

    1450 Ft

    Paprika cream soup with goat cheese mouss

    1200 Ft

    Bolete cream soup with roasted pine nut

    1200 Ft

    Fruit cream soup

    1200 Ft


    Hungarian flavours right from the smoking chamber

    2300 Ft

    Caesar salad with chicken or shrimp

    2700 Ft / 3100 Ft

    Cold goose liver in its own fat with walnut bread

    4400 Ft

    Hungarian „lecsó”with sausage

    1850 Ft

    Beefsteak tartar

    3100 Ft

    Grilled cheese with ruccola

    2600 Ft

    Fresh noodles with wild mushroom and thyme (Strozzapreti)

    2600 Ft

    Abergine cream with toast (Strozzapreti)

    1800 Ft


    Pike-perch roasted with steamed vegetables

    3700 Ft

    Roast  chicken breast with  salad and chili oil

    2950 Ft

    Breaded chicken served in a basket

    3250 Ft

    Rosé  duck breast  with spicy fruit and mashed potatoes

    3750 Ft

    Duck breast slices served in casserole

    3750 Ft

    Hungarian goose liver with fresh Hungarian lecsó and oven-baked potato

    6900 Ft

    Goose leg with red cabagge and potatoes

    3300 Ft

    Bacon-coated pork tenderloin, served with woodland mushroom sauce and almond croquette rolls

    4100 Ft

    Bacon-coated mangalitsa pork tenderloin, served with woodland mushroom sauce  and almond croquette rolls

    4100 Ft

    Mangalitsa steak,  with fresh Hungarian ratatouille and oven-baked potato

    4100 Ft

    Viennese scallop (Wiener schnitzel)  with mashed potatoes

    3600 Ft

    Veal stew served with galuska

    2900 Ft

    Argentin rib-eye with crispy onion, dijon mustard sauce and potato

    5900 Ft


    New Zelander steak (filet mignon) with green pepper sauce and grilled vegs

    5900 Ft

    New Zelander steak(filet mignon) with green pepper sauce and grilled vegs

    5900 Ft



    Smarni with strawberry sauce

    1100 Ft

    VALRHONA chocolate soufflé with hot morello cherries

    1550 Ft

    Somlói dessert

    1200 Ft

    Ice cream of Király100

    1450 Ft

    Hungarian cheese selection

    2600 Ft



    Broth with noodles
    Chicken stripes with french fries
    Hungarian pancake

    1500 Ft

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