New Year’s Eve Dishes

SOUP-STARTER                                                                          HUF

Guniea fowl  soup with meat dumplings                                 1300,-

Lobster cream soup                                                                      1300,-

Salmon tartar with home made bread                                              2700,-



Crispy sucking pig with Champagne sauerkraut                    3500,-

             and baked potatoes

Duck liver, shrimp, quince, mashed potatoes                        4900,-

Veal sirloin, lentis sufle                                                          4900,-

Deer loin, pear, home made croquette                                   5900,-


Somlói galuska”                                                                       1300,-

Holiday events


we surprise you and your friends/colleauge with delicious food and beautiful decor! Whether it’s a Christmas party, the atmosphere is guaranteed and now a glass of champagne is for free to all participants!

Start to organize your holiday events in time, book a table as soon as possible, because the best periods will fill up soon.

Check our menus here:

[sama_button url=”https://kiraly100.hu/3_fogas.pdf” icon=”” iconpos=”left” target=”_blank” bgcolor=”btn btn-black” size=”btn-sm”]Menu with starter[/sama_button][sama_button url=”https://kiraly100.hu/3_fogas_levessel.pdf” icon=”” iconpos=”left” target=”_blank” bgcolor=”btn btn-black” size=”btn-sm”]3 course menu with soup[/sama_button][sama_button url=”https://kiraly100.hu/4_fogas.pdf” icon=”” iconpos=”left” target=”_blank” bgcolor=”btn btn-black” size=”btn-sm”]4-course menu[/sama_button]

Have fun!


Éttermünk séfje Kerekes Sándor a jó magyar (és még véletlenül sem magyaros) gasztronómia híve. Gasztronómiai küldetése, hogy jó magyar, hazai alapanyagokból a hagyományokat tisztelve, de az újításokat is befogadva kreatív módon főzzön.

“Nekünk, gasztronómiával foglalkozóknak az is a feladatunk, hogy észrevegyük és használjuk a jó minőségű magyar
alapanyagokat – ilyen a szürkemarhahús, a mangalica vagy a minőségi tanyasi szárnyas.”

A Király100 Gastro Corner megújult ételei izgalmas, magával ragadó gasztronómiai utazásra invitálnak, jöjjön és kóstolja meg őszi


Kerekes Sándor ételeiről bővebben olvashat könyvében:
A magyar szürkéhez.


Jó étvágyat!


Dine here with your family on Saturday or Sunday!


Now every week we make a real “Sunday lunch” from Saturday noon til Sunday evening. So you can really take a rest at home on the weekend. 3 courses, a free glass of wine for adults and a free syrup for children.

Adult: 4600 HUF / person Children under 12 years: 2300 HUF / person


For the menu please check our Facebook page!


Enjoy your meal!


A szüreti időszak alkalmából Séfünk Kerekes Sándor egy igazi szüreti hangulatú étellel lep meg mindannyiunkat!
Jöjjön el Éttermünkbe és kóstolja meg szüreti ételspecialitásunkat: Szüreti kacsamell kakukkfüves polentával, tokaji balzsamecetes, gyömbéres bormártással.
Játssza velünk facebook oldalunkon a szüreti játékot, és nyerjen ajándék vacsorát 20 000 Ft értékben.

Játék időtartama: 2016. szeptember 9. – 2016. szeptember 21.

További részletek Facebook oldalunkon!


Dear guest, Our Chef created newv special meals, you can taste now. Take a look our new menu now, we list a few, choose your favorite:


New foods:

Strawberry cream soup with amoretta, served with basil flavoured cottage cheese dumplings
Citrus marinated salmon
Grey cattle sirloin cutlet with crispy onion, dijon mustard sauce and rosemary potato
Duck breast slices served in casserole


One of the finest and most vegetables, both green and white asparagus is very special distinctive flavor, tender, but character, it is impossible not to love. Preparation, however, many people are in trouble, so he entrusted it to the experts. Come to our restaurant and savor asparagus dishes.

Among the fruits of the May Queen anyway strawberries! It’s a beautiful red color and aromatic roar, lacking all restraint taste of everyone. Treat yourself current restaurant strawberry desserts.

Asparagus menu:
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Asparagus cream soup with poached egg, ham and beef gray [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]1150 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Roast duck, roasted pepper cream, arugula brown bread, leavened with asparagus[/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]2200 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]

[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Pancs crumbs fried asparagus, chive sauce and blue cheese [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]2200 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]The skin of baked salmon with white wine risotto with green asparagus[/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]3400 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Grilled chicken breast, goat cheese and green asparagus and homemade pasta [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]2900 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Roasted duck breast with walnut oil guard strawberry-rhubarb, asparagus salad [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]3600 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Pork medallions with bacon, mashed asparagus, sun-dried tomato and potato-leek[/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]3300 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″] Király 100 smarni with strawberries[/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]1100 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]


Bon appetite!

Wild garlic days – from 23 March 2016

Again it is time to plant this exciting flavor diversify our menu selection. The wild garlic has come to the end of winter, he was one of the first heralds of spring. The taste is reminiscent of garlic, but a little tricky snidlig tones in it, great soup, main course and many types can be made from it, but very tasty sauces, dressings as well.
Try Ramsons dishes are not only delicious but very healthy through the healing effect as well.

Ramsons dishes:
Wild garlic soup with truffle cream muffins 1100 HUF
Grilled salmon with slices of homemade ravioli with wild garlic 3700 HUF
Farm chicken with wild garlic mashed potatoes 3200 HUF
Corn grown chicken breast filled with cheese and wild garlic salad 2900 HUF
Mangalica roasted garlic gnocchi, fried onions. 3100 HUF

KIRÁLY100 BBQ DAYS FROM 20.02.2016

Considering the great success of our BBQ dishes we provide one more month for our guests to taste it. Pay us a visit and give it a try to taste our delicacies.

BBQ does not only comprise a grill but it means much more than that. It is a way of feeling and a cohesive power by which the closeness of fire and its heat that it radiates all contribute to the excellence and uniqueness of  flavours. Come and taste our delicious BBQs.

[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Tastes of home-made creams served with tortilla chips  [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]1450 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Spicy avocado cream, aubergine cream with garlic, chickpea cream with olive, chicken wings treated with honey and chilly, served with potato chips. [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]1450 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]

Hot soups :
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″] Corn cream soup with popcorn and crispy bacon.[/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]900 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]

Main Dishes :
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″] Hamburger made of Uruguay beef served with Julienne potato fried onion, home-made ketchup and mustard. [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]2600 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Spare rib with corriander grilled for 12 hours served with green horseradish, soy, sweet chilli, batata.  [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]2800 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Pork chop with coleslaw and spicy steak potato. [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]2600 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]

Desserts :
[sama_column cssclass=”col-md-9″]Cheese cake with cranberry mulberry sauce served with vanilla ice-cream. [/sama_column][sama_column cssclass=”col-md-3″][sama_right cssclass=””]1100 HUF[/sama_right][/sama_column]

More information and table reservation: +36 1 351 67 93, +36 1 342 8193


Visit our friends February 19, 100 the King of BBQ party, where Lazarus Chef prepares the following BBQ delights!
Cold appetizers: Homemade cream foretaste of tortilla chips and pie Grill: Spicy avocado cream, garlic, aubergine, olive csicseriborsókrém
Hot soup: Corn soup with crispy bacon and popcorn
First main course: Giant pig-sided mayonnaise coleslaw and spicy steak potatoes
Second main course: World Champion mini double hamburger with fried onions, homemade ketchup and mustard, Julienne fries
Third main course: Grilled pork for 12 hours cilantro, green horseradish, soy, sweet chili sauce and sweet potatoes
Dessert: Cheese cake with blueberry blackberry sauce and vanilla ice cream
More information and table reservation: +36 1 351 67 93

KIRALY 100 PIG-KILLING DAYS – 2016.02.01. – 02.10.

According to the restaurant’s philosophy of spontaneity and tradition audit, we believe that we want to reach the widest possible use of Hungaricums front row. The meals are prepared as far as possible at the forefront of handicrafts, traditional technology, taking into account today’s needs.
Backyard farms are reared on corn to drag us into kapirgálós csirkét.A mangalica and a gray beef farm in Kecskemét is next to the kitchen.
Kisüzemből comes from ducks, geese and dairy products. The Hungarian dominance of raw materials we try to alleviate the great South American and New Zealand steaks grilling with.
In addition, we are proud of the traditional, but unfortunately treated unkindly Hungarian soups and homemade tésztáinkra, especially locally pulled strudel, which is home to most Hungarian dessert.
Unique to the 150-item brandy stock. In addition, we are proud of our wines from the excellent Hungarian growers as well.
We are confident that our restaurant guests will appreciate the commitment of atermészetesség, respect for tradition and quality.