Our menu offers goose and duck dishes of which the meat is delivered right from our small-scale producers.

The real season of goose dishes is in the autumn around October when traditions and customs bigin within Saint Martin’s feast. And the reason why it is worth eating goose in October is that geese that hatch in the spring usually reach their maturity and their ideal quality. This time they have tender and soft meat and an ideal quantity of fat that’s also very important.



Our chickens are fed by corn and delivered right from a ranch where they are bred especially for our restaurant. Their maturity is decided by their weight that is best at 90 dkg (16 Oz). Due to the natural breeding the texture of the meat and its flavour is much better comparing to their large-scale counterparts.



Throughout Hungary we may boast with our special pálinka selection that comprises 150 different types and some of them were made of special fruit either.

Our special banquet-hall is a great and cosy place where we can organize pálinka-tasting events for your wish.



Our twirled or shell-shaped pastries that we put in our delicious soups are made by an eighty-years-old lady in Esztár, a small village in Hajdú-Bihar county. Our „csusza” noodle (similar to a lasagne type pasta broken into parts) is a product that we produce ourselves.

Király 100 Gastro Corner DESSERTS


Our desserts are made of the highest qualiy ingredients too. We only use the world-class VARLHONA chocolate when making our cakes and our artisian ice-creams.

Our milk that we use to make our desserts is delivered from a family-run dairy producer.

Our home-made strudel pastry is made with a hand-drawn process in accordance with the old tradition that we confine to. The popularity of „ Király 100 Gastro Corner Smarni” (our special dessert with strawberry sauce) hasn’t been broken since the opening of our Restaurant,