SOUPS           STARTERS         MAIN DISHES          DESSERT


Broth with giant liver-dumpling

1900 Ft

Újházi chicken soup

1900 Ft

Gulash soup

2400 Ft

Strawberry cream soup

1900 Ft


Cold mangalitsa-tasting from Tokaj

3300 Ft

Eggplant cream

2200 Ft

Cold goose liver with walnut-raisin bread

4700 Ft

Caeasar salad with chicken or shrimps

3100 / 3500 Ft

Beefsteak tartar

4300 Ft


Grilled goat cheese with bulgur salad

3100 Ft

Fresh noodles with porcini mushroom

3100 Ft

Pike-perch fillet with spinach pudding

4900 Ft

Roasted salmon with steamed vegetables

5300 Ft

Roasted chicken breast with salad and roasted seeds

3200 Ft

Breaded chicken leg with mashed potatoes

3200 Ft

Bacon coated tenderloin with woodland mushroom sauce and sweet potato

3900 Ft

Rosé duck-breast with  pear

4600 Ft

Duck leg with red cabagge and potatoes

3900 Ft

Mangalitsa stuffed cabbage summer style

3400 Ft

Piglet ham hocks with bavarian cabbage and potatoes

4600 Ft

Mangalitsa chuck steak from Tokaj, with lecso

6400 Ft

Veal stew with galuska side-dish

3500 Ft

Viennese scallop (Wiener schnitzel)  with potatoes salad

4500 Ft

Filet mignon with green pepper sauce and grilled vegs

8900 Ft

Tenderloin slices ii “Budapest style” with goose liver

8900 Ft


Smarni with strawberry sauce

1800 Ft

Wasp nest with walnut (preparation time 25 min.)

1800 Ft

Poppyseed bread pudding (preparation time 20 min.)

1800 Ft

Hand-made strudel with vanilla sauce

1800 Ft

“Somlói galuska”

2100 Ft

Ice cream of the house

2100 Ft


Broth with noodles
Chicken stripes with french fries
Hungarian pancake

1500 Ft

Dear customer. Please note that all our dishes may contain allergens.